Dog Weight Vest

Dog Weight VestMany people today are working towards living a healthier life. The gyms are becoming more crowded; individuals are making smarter choices in their diets and for many, daily exercise is becoming a staple in their lives. However, far too often we tend to forget about the exercise needs of our pets. During the cold, snowy winter months we can go to a gym or a mall and walk off our pent up energy; but, what about our pets? Quite often in the winter our pets spend a majority of their time lying around which may result in them packing on a few extra pounds. Once the warm weather hits our pets can start getting some much needed exercise but, will exercise alone be enough to shed those extra pounds or do we need to give them a little boost?

Weight Vests are sufficient for you and I, but does that mean they are advisable for your puppy? Attaching a weight vest to the upper body of one’s precious pooch might seem just a little strange, but there are several definite advantages to strapping a dog weight vest to your favorite four legged friend.

A vest might have a positive effect on your dog’s well being. Following are a couple ways your little friend can reap the benefits from a dog weight vest.

  • A Relaxing Effect – Just like a person, a pup that keeps active is likely to remain healthy. If your pet seems hyper or simply has excess energy, a weight vest might help calm them down. A calm dog is normally more responsive, considerably less aggressive and far better behaved.
  • Exercise – Taking your pet for long walks is healthy for you as well as your pup. If your dog has a few excess pounds they have to lose the extra weight from the vest can help burn excess energy and help reduce unhealthy pounds in a shorter period. The additional weight from the vest assists in building muscle tone and can lower the daily level of exercise that is recommended by many vets.

How These Vests are Manufactured:

  • The weight vests I’ve reviewed are manufactured from cordura denier backed material, with double-stitched construction.
  • They’re sheepskin lined, across the upper back, on the underside, along the shoulder section, the chest and girth straps.
  • These vests have individual zippered pouches with a one-pound weight for the medium & large vests. The small vests have eight zippered pouches and half pound weights.

By using a dog weight vest, you might see your pup’s stamina and agility increase. Do both yourself as well as your pet a favor and allow your pup to lead a healthier life, grab a weighted vest for your best friend today.

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A Healthy Mouth for a Healthy Pet

Dog and CatMan best friend, our furry four legged pet, our dogs. If your pets are anything like mine they tend get very affectionate and want to get all close and personal and be right in your face. However, that may not always be best for their master. Despite my best efforts there are times that my pup’s breath is absolutely atrocious and leaves me gasping for a breath of fresh air. His breath is so bad that a skunk would probably turn and head for the hills. Yes, what I’m talking about is a condition that affects many dogs, halitosis. Not only is halitosis disruptive to the relationship with your pet it can also be the first sign of trouble. If your pets health is important to you remember, they need a healthy mouth for a healthy pet.

Research indicates that 70% of cats, and a staggering 80% of dogs show some sign of oral disease by the time their 3. When your pet’s gums are inflamed, bacteria can move to their kidneys, heart, liver or lungs. Periodontal disease is very common oral disease in both dogs and cats which begins as gingivitis and plaque and may end up resulting in tooth loss. If you discover a reddening on the edges of their gums and a yellow film on their teeth this could be the early states of periodontal disease and you should get them to the vet for a dental cleaning. A professional cleaning can help to prevent this disease.

Fortunately, there is a fairly simple solution to this problem. A daily brushing of your pet’s teeth is a very effective method for preventing tooth loss and periodontal disease. However, there are a few do’s and do not’s when it come to caring for your pets mouth.

  • Do Not use the same kind of toothbrushes that you would use for yourself. These brushes are too hard for your pet’s mouth.
  • Do Not use the same kind of toothpaste that you would use for yourself. Our toothpaste foams too much for use on your pet. And since our pets tend to swallow most of the foam it can cause vomiting.
  • Do use oral rinses and additives that can be added to their water to reduce bacteria in their mouth.
  • Do use dental chews. Not only will these help to remove tarter and plaque, they can activate enzymes which can help fight bacteria in the mouth.
  • Do use pet chew toys which are designed to create gum stimulation. For larger dogs steer clear of the dental chews which may be harder than their teeth. Chews than are too hard can fracture the teeth of a larger dog.

And you can even check into prescription pet foods that have been developed to clean your pets teeth if the suffer from chronic dental disease.

The bottom line is that if you have a dog or a cat for a pet, chances are very good that they may be a candidate for oral disease. The good news is that with all of the products and techniques available today pet health and oral health is fairly simple. Start with a daily brushing of pet’s teeth and a yearly visit to the vet for an oral cleaning and exam, and your on the right path to good pet health.

A Pet Friendly Vacation Destination

Pet friendly Vacation DestinationWhat happens to your four legged friend when you decide to take a vacation? Finding a pet friendly vacation destination can often be harder than it should. I know that many people look at boarding their pets when they can’t take them along but, this is not one of my favorite options. Recently, over 1,000 pet owners were asked about their experience boarding a pet. Practically one third of the pet owners claimed to have had a poor experience, and 13% indicated they had a poor experience on more than one occasion.

The major concern that most pet owners (about half) have with boarding is their pets emotional well being, many claim their pet’s suffer from separation anxiety and depression when boarded. Almost 20% of pet owners are worried about their pet’s physical health from airborne diseases. The preferred option for pet care by 85% of pet owners is in-home sitting. But all of the worries and concerns could be eliminated with a vacation spot that’s pet friendly. I was fortunate enough to find just a place a couple of years ago.

My job requires quite a bit of travel, and over the years I have been to almost every state in this country. Every time I visit a new destination I’m always checking to see if it’s pet friendly. I work in real estate as a real estate investor. I travel the county to attend the tax sales in various counties to purchase tax deeds and tax liens. A few years ago, I attended the monthly tax sale in Georgia in the Savannah area. Savannah is very close to Georgia’s coast and a grouping of barrier islands and I was told that a few of these islands were pet friendly so; I decided to check them out.

From downtown Savannah I headed east on highway 80, and about 20 minutes later I was standing in the center of what ended up being my favorite vacation spot, Tybee Island. Tybee is a charming, eclectic, small island right on the Atlantic and everyone you meet is very friendly and helpful. The island seemed like a perfect spot but was it pet friendly? I soon had my answer, almost everyplace on the island catered to people with pets. There are hotels, resorts and many of the rental properties that allow pets as well as many of the restaurants and shops on the island. The north end of the island has a two dog parks, one for smaller dogs (20 pounds and under) and a larger park for larger dogs. In additional there are walking trails throughout the island to provide some exercise for your pet. However, there is one spot on Tybee that dogs are prohibited and that is on any of the beaches. Tybee takes the no dogs on the beach rule very seriously and for the first offense you will be looking at a fine of almost $300. But, other than keeping off the beaches and following the rules Tybee is a pet friendly island.

Next time your plan a vacation don’t stress out about boarding your pet or finding someone to take care of them, bring them along to a pet friendly vacation destination. And if you want to head south and take a trip to the ocean, plan a getaway to Tybee Island Georgia, just don’t forget to keep your pup off the beaches.

Dog Pee Pads

Dog Pee PadsDo you have a new puppy you need to house-train or an older dog that just can’t hold it like they use to? Are you searching for the best product? Then the top rated Dog Pee Pads – Wee-Wee Pads will be the ideal solution for a number of potty challenges, such as:

  • Puppy housebreaking
  • Incontinence in elderly dogs
  • High-rise Condos or Apartments
  • Leaving your pet at home through the workday

Their absorbent style and leak proof liner indicates easy and mess-free cleanup; and Wee-Wee Pads have a 100% Leak proof Guarantee.

Features of the Dog Pee Pads

  • Attractant naturally attracts your pet to the pad making teaching easy
  • Fast drying top layer seals in wetness and decreases odors
  • Super Absorbent Quilted Core offers optimum absorption – 10 times its weight
  • Durable leak proof liner helps safeguard floors and carpets

Wee-Wee Pads are available in a number of sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your pet.

Sizes for Dog Pee Pads Include:

  • Small Dogs: 16.5″ x 23.5″
  • Original (Puppy): 22.5″ x 23″
  • Adult: 24″ x 24″
  • Extra-Large: 28″ x 34″
  • Gigantic: 27.5″ x 44″

Directions for Use:

  1. Choose the area for your pet to eliminate.
  2. Unfold the pad and place on the ground, plastic side down.
  3. Once your pet has made use of the pad, throw away and replace with a clean pad.

Training Your New Puppy with Wee-Wee Pads

  1. Place your pup on the pad during the day to acquaint them with the attractant.
  2. As soon as your pup goes on the pad instantly reward them with compliments and a goody for good behavior.
  3. Immediately exchange the soiled pad with a fresh one.
  4. If your pup eliminates somewhere besides the pad merely set them back on the pad and persuade them to eliminate there.
  5. Once your pup is trained inside you can start training them to eliminate outside.
  6. Begin relocating the pad in the direction of the door and gradually to the outside area where you want your pup to go.

Training Tip – For best results keep your pup restricted to a smaller space like the bathroom or kitchen.

Stop Dog Barking Today

Stop Dog BarkingDo you need to Stop Dog Barking? You may be just like many other people, and have neighbors that let their pooch bark uncontrollably. Maybe you’ve tried talking to the neighbor politely but no luck, they just seem to have no concern for the noise pollution. If it’s getting to the point where you’re losing sleep or the barking is getting so bad that you’ve even considered moving, the Super Bark Stop may be just what you’re looking for!

Super Bark Stop has a high output directional speaker that maximizes the effectiveness of bark control via sound focusing, and targeting the ultrasonic training sound directly at the dog’s ears.

Super Bark Stop is a barking deterrent product; it uses an ultrasonic tone to train your dog (or a neighbor’s dog) not to bark uncontrollably. Whenever Super Bark Stop senses a dog’s bark, it emits an irritating sound that can be heard by the dog for up to 50 feet. The annoying dog will soon learn that barks trigger the noise and will quit barking without provocation.

Reduce the nuisance barking today!

Super Bark Stop Features:

  • High Power Speaker
  • Audible & ultrasonic frequency settings
  • Built-in microphone is sensitive up to 50 ft (Microphone picks up dogs bark and activates the high powered speaker)
  • Built in audible test button
  • Slide switch for volume & sensitivity
  • Battery Operated (requires 4 D batteries – not included). Good for 10,000 bursts. (An optional DC 6 V 500mA adapter is available)
  • Hidden activation and power LEDs
  • Water resistant for outdoor use
  • (4) Additional adjustable settings
  • The product is 9.8” x 6.8” x 5.3” and weighs just 1.7 lbs.


If you’re tired of your pooch barking all the time or your neighbor’s dog keeping you awake at night, pickup a Super Bark Stop and stop dog barking today. This product is ideal for use in multiple dog homes or kennels. Use it to stop constant barking problems and for training puppies not to bark.