Dog Weight Vest

Dog Weight VestMany people today are working towards living a healthier life. The gyms are becoming more crowded; individuals are making smarter choices in their diets and for many, daily exercise is becoming a staple in their lives. However, far too often we tend to forget about the exercise needs of our pets. During the cold, snowy winter months we can go to a gym or a mall and walk off our pent up energy; but, what about our pets? Quite often in the winter our pets spend a majority of their time lying around which may result in them packing on a few extra pounds. Once the warm weather hits our pets can start getting some much needed exercise but, will exercise alone be enough to shed those extra pounds or do we need to give them a little boost?

Weight Vests are sufficient for you and I, but does that mean they are advisable for your puppy? Attaching a weight vest to the upper body of one’s precious pooch might seem just a little strange, but there are several definite advantages to strapping a dog weight vest to your favorite four legged friend.

A vest might have a positive effect on your dog’s well being. Following are a couple ways your little friend can reap the benefits from a dog weight vest.

  • A Relaxing Effect – Just like a person, a pup that keeps active is likely to remain healthy. If your pet seems hyper or simply has excess energy, a weight vest might help calm them down. A calm dog is normally more responsive, considerably less aggressive and far better behaved.
  • Exercise – Taking your pet for long walks is healthy for you as well as your pup. If your dog has a few excess pounds they have to lose the extra weight from the vest can help burn excess energy and help reduce unhealthy pounds in a shorter period. The additional weight from the vest assists in building muscle tone and can lower the daily level of exercise that is recommended by many vets.

How These Vests are Manufactured:

  • The weight vests I’ve reviewed are manufactured from cordura denier backed material, with double-stitched construction.
  • They’re sheepskin lined, across the upper back, on the underside, along the shoulder section, the chest and girth straps.
  • These vests have individual zippered pouches with a one-pound weight for the medium & large vests. The small vests have eight zippered pouches and half pound weights.

By using a dog weight vest, you might see your pup’s stamina and agility increase. Do both yourself as well as your pet a favor and allow your pup to lead a healthier life, grab a weighted vest for your best friend today.

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